J. B. Ford 2018

The J. B. Ford is still floating at Azcon Scrap dock as of October 25, 2018.  Please enjoy these updated photos of the vessel.  Note on the stern view of the ship the crane is now swung out over the water.  Some of the cabin doors are open to the elements.  On the life boat photo pictured are radial type davits.  These type were around prior the Titanic which was equipped with quadrant type davits.  The boat pictured is of the C. M. Lane design built in New York.  This vessel was working the Great Lakes eight years prior the Titanic sinking.


The J. B. Ford is still intact as of 24-25 October 2018.  The latest rumor is that it is very possible that scrapping of this  114 year old vessel may begin before the end of this year.

24 Oct 2018 A view of the forward end from the road.

Azcon Metals Duluth still has a number of vessel artifacts for purchase.  These were pulled from the ship during 2017.  Included are some life jackets, 13 portholes, 11 sinks, some wooden five panel doors, desk fans and other misc. items.

View of J. B. Ford on June 27, 2018 from the water.  Note this dead center view as the mast line up. The ship appears to have a slight list. It could be resting on the bottom there.


Note the open cabin doors and deck crane swung out forward of the aft cabin.  Those missing portholes were 19″ diameter glass, painted brass. 



The J. B. Ford docked next to scrap yard as rows of newly made wind turbine blades wait to be installed in the country side. Interestingly the J. B. Ford when new in 1904 was just as cutting edge in her day as the wind mill technology is now.  Crew of that era were working on wooden freighters the Ford was steel a relatively new idea in practice.

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