J B Ford Historical Survey @ 30th Gales of November

The J B Ford official number 200666 still docked in Duluth, MN as of 4 November 2017. The ship floated to be visible during Halloween & All Souls Day 2017. Note the ladder to the deck from the dock is gone. The ship will be scrapped, but it is still available to be photographed from a distance.

During the 30th Gales of November guest exhibitors were able to view a handful of items recovered from the Steamship J. B. Ford.  All of these items were purchased from Azcon Metals in Duluth, MN.

These included one of 5 surviving decorative crew sinks installed on the ship over the winter of 1903- 1904.

An Atomic Attack Poster from the vessel dated 1956.

One of three surviving 1959 deck cargo flood lights.

The Port Navigation light box.

A wooden life jacket rack.

A survival suit made in 1986, shown on right side of photo.

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