Steamship J. B. Ford Specifications

Steering Instructions to help crew operate gear in an emergency.


Length Over All 440 feet

Length of Keel 420 feet

Beam 50 feet

Depth 28 feet

This is a list of all crew positions on the J. B. Ford when she sailed. Each position is crew’s title and duties in the event of a fire or emergency drill.


Triple Expansion Reciprocating

Shaft Horsepower 1,500

Diameter of cylinders

High Pressure 22 inches

Intermediate 35 inches

Low Pressure 58 inches

Length of Stroke 40 inches

Tunnel Thruster:

Bird-Johnson 350 H. P. 9000 lbs. of thrust

Installed Winter layup 1965- 1966

Bow Thruster Drawing
Bow Thruster Drawing


Steering Gear:

The Current Steering Gear was installed on the ship in 1959 during conversion
The unit weighs 7000lbs for the engine and slightly more than 7000lbs for the quadrant

The steering gear was one of many built for World War 2 cargo ships

Built in Seattle, WA.

steering gear July 9, 1941 US Maritime Com. Seattle , WA drawing
steering gear July 9, 1941 US Maritime Com. Seattle , WA drawing


Tonnage as Edwin  F. Holmes

4787 gross 3517 net

Tonnage as E. C. Collins

4132 gross 3001 net

Tonnage as J. B. Ford                 

4368 gross  3199 net

Official Number


Hull Number 





Cargo capacity in 1904

7,000 tons of iron ore

7,500 tons of coal

draft 18 feet for both cargos

Cargo capacity in 1959

7,400 tons of cement

draft 20 feet 1 inch


jbford chairs
jbford chairs
jbford chest of drawers
jbford chest of drawers

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